January 23, 2011


A MESSAGE TO ALL - TS HAS MOVED HERE: http://www.tooserious.net - If you're still using this site, you're not going to find the 09 data! or the '10 or'11 data!

So update your bookmarks, get over there and enjoy!!

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Too Serious is a Team Management System for both the AFL Dreamteam competition (DT) as well as the Herald Sun Supercoach competition (SC).
Not only does Too Serious calculate salary movements, it also has the capacity to calculate breakevens.
Too Serious integrates daily injury updates as well as listing every team as it is named for game day, so you can see where your team is, for every round.

May 15, 2008



The end of 08.

So, the Hawkers got over the line, and as much as it pains me to say this, good on them. they put in a good effort.

I guess the same thing can be said for JOHN and the NEWBERRY STARS. While I can't say I like his manouver, I didn't make a rule against it.

So, you're the winner mate. Well done.

However, I'm thinking I'll throw up a handful of TS memberships to some randomly draw out competitors.

These memberships are actually going to mean something more for next year as TS is currently undergoing a complete re-design, to make it easier to use, faster and most importantly, to add new features to assist you as a coach. And to access these new features, you'll need a subscription. (Though I believe the current TS site will stay around for free - It just won't score the new features of the updated version).

The blog is definitely going to be pumping next year with a couple of top 20 finishers (Supercoach) saying their bits. And who knows, perhaps I'll be able to get someone in on the DT side of things for next year. :)

And speaking of Top 20 finishers - I've started a thread on the forum for testimonials - So if you use TS and did alright, drop by, let us know. Or if you just want to say a good word. :D

Don't forget to check back in during the off-season, both to keep up to date with any important news (Like did you know that Steele Sidebottom kicked 10 goals in his premiership game this weekend?), trade week, I'm sure will generate some interesting discussions, and finally, any updates to the site will be put up throughout the offseason.

So keep looking in. (Though I'm sure you EPL guys will - I'll get that as a "default" option shortly...)

It's been a heck of a year, a lot of fun.

So thank you from all us here at TooSerious.

And have a great off season.

- walesy.

PS - If you've read this far,  here's the prize winners. Drop me an email to claim.

iloveujay - josh - $40

Free subscriptions for next year.
iloveujay - josh (hopefully it does some way to soothing the pain - well played)
BANG! - Tiarna
The Dynasty - Dean
Chicken Stranglers - Kirk
Supersonics - Annie

See you all next year.

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Thank you.

Thank you all, for a wonderful 2008. See you back next year.

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The end of a dream... (team).

So, this is the end... the last week of the season.

The time where dreams are built, and crushed.

Or something like that.

There's a handful of you out there who still in it to take out the championship, though you're going to need a lot of luck to get over the all dominating convicts.

So dominating infact, that he's by far the favorite to take out both the overall, and the eliminator.

Thanks to our friends at BigFooty, I've got a copy of his starting team, so unless someone tells me not to, I'll probably do a bit of a review of it, cause it certainly broke the norms when it comes to team selection.

And for those of you still in the grand final, good luck. May all your Pavs play and all your Porps not pop a shoulder out.

Don't forget though, we've still got the finals comp running over the next few weeks... we've almost got 100 players signed up... aiming for 200, so get your friends, you family, heck,  even your dog if you really want to... (Rovers Reckers - Though it might be tricky to wire prize money to a dog... )

And during the finals comp, I'll be releasing the 2009 planner.

Essentially I've been in discussion with some fairly knowledgable folk, and between us we'll be trying our hardest to predict both the magic number for salaries, as well as any salary discounts. Cause you can't start planning too soon...

So I guess that's it, the EPL comp will be running over summer, however throughout it, I'll keep trying to update the site with new features and with fingers crossed, a complete re-haul of the front end. (And finally get away from these clunky tables!)

Catch you all later.

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